Date 29th March 2020


Updated Required versions of Pester, dbatools and PSFramework modules

Thank you @dstrait Fix variable for SaDisabled check #750 Fix errant braces in SQL Browser Service Check #751 Fix PingComputer Check #752

Thank you markaugust Fix to ensure AG Name is in HADR checks #755

Thank you Tracey Boggiano Added Contained Database auth check and Query Store Enabled Checks #756

Thank you Rob Added exclude database config for Query store checks Version check for Query Store Checks Some spellings!


Date 18th March 2020

Thank you Tracey tboggiano New CIS user-defined CLRs to be set to SAFE_ACCESS #734 CIS tests for if service accounts are local admins #736

Thank you Rob Getting service accounts tests to pass if no service Made long running jobs check work as expected Improved Database Mail check Made sure disk allocations dont run on Core

Thank you mikedavem Fixed bug in disk allocation check exclusions Added multiple ags to the HADR check #742

Date 14th March 2020

Thank you Tracey tboggiano New CIS Check Hide Instance #728 New CIS Check Symmetric Key #732 New CIS Check Agent Proxy not have access to public Role #732

Date 8th January 2020

Thank you Tracey tboggiano New CIS Check Guest Account connect permissions #725 New CIS Check BuiltIn Admins login #726 New CIS Check public role permissions #729 New CIS Check local windows groups do not have logins #731 Update sa login check #730

Thank you Rob Added Tag parameter to Get-DbcCheck Updated tests to work with PowerShell 7

Date 22nd December

Thank you Tracey tboggiano Two New CIS Checks Contained databases should be auto-closed #721 sa login disabled and should not exist #719

Thank you Rob Fix bug in Agent Tests #723

Date 28th November

Thank you Tracey tboggiano Added new CIS Check for the latest SQL build #716

Thank you Rob Making the SQL Engine Service Check configurable #706

Date 26th November

Thank you Tracey @tboggiano Added new CIS Check for OLE AUtomation Procedures to be disabled #707 Moving the Cross DB Ownership Chaining check into the AllInstance check to help speed up checks #708 Thank you Rob Fixing the Tags so that they are picked up by AllInstanceInfo Fixes #715

Date 16th November

Thank you Matt @matt2005 Removed rogue else from Agents Tests #713

Date 17th October

Thank you Shane @SOZDBA Improved Documentation Thank you Gareth NewMan Added New Check - Default File Path

Date 1st October 2019

Thank you Rob Fixed some merge issues with a load of code :-( Created GitHub Action to run Pester Checks on PR Thank you @TracyBoggiano Added New Checks RemoteAccessDisabled ScanForStartUpProcedures Thank you Gareth Newman Improved wording in tests #700 , #697 Fix incorrect calculation in last agent run time #696 #698 Fixed bug in AllInstanceInfo Thank you Richard Imenes Fixed dead links in readme #702 Thank you Benjamin Schenk Fixed Send-MailMessage in readme #705

Date 30th July 2019

Thank you Rob ;-) Added two new checks #239 LastJobRunTime and LongRunningJob Added four new configs skip.agent.longrunningjobs skip.agent.lastjobruntime agent.longrunningjob.percentage agent.lastjobruntime.percentage

Date 29th July 2019

Thank you @TracyBoggiano Added tags for checks that will be part of CIS checks #642 CIS project started Added check for default trace enabled #684

Date 23rd July 2019

Thank you @dstrait, @Sozdba Fix tests that use time to work if client and instance are in different time zones #610 Fixed Maintenance Solution clean up time test #633 Improved Run time #635 Improved Error Log warning window honouring #637 Ignore SQL 2005 for some tests #630,629,#628 Skip TF1118 test if SQL2016 or above

Date 8th July 2019

Thanks to Chuck for notifying of error Fixed Update-DbcPowerBiDataSource

Date 2nd July 2019

dbachecks works with PowerShell Core #620 dbachecks works with dbatools v1 #624 Minimum PowerShell Now 5.0 #568 Prettier output in test names for @cl because she is ace #495 Fixes for none-readable secondaries causing tests to fail #611 Added ability to exclude disks from disk allocation check #561 Added ability to exclude cancelled jobs from failed job check #552 Added max job history for failed jobs #552 Some extra tags added

Date 22nd May 2019 at Techorama in Room 12

Thank You @SOZDBA, @djfcc, @wsmelton Improved validation for IP addresses in clusters Ignored Off-line databases for Pseudo Recovery Checks Some internal testing changes

Date 05/02/2019

Thank you Chrissy! @cl added default environment #596 altered configuration validation for mail to stop errors Ensured database status check doesnt fail as readonly for snapshots

Date 31/01/2019

Thank you Chrissy! add support for inline config file, fixes #501 #594

Date 29/01/2019

Added skip for authentication scheme #587 Added WhatIf to Update-DbcPowerBiDataSource Thank you @shaneis #590 $null to the left Thank you @jwmoss #588

Date 19/01/2019

Thank you Claudio Added extra check for Job History Settings #582 Added extra check for Error Log Count #583 Added integration test code and docker compose file


Date 22/11/2018

Spelling - Thanks RonaldHensbergen Fix for #576 When calling just Invoke-DbcCheck without a Check it fails to run the Server Tests correctly

Date 12/11/2018

Added more information to the output - thanks @ClaudioESSilva Spelling - Thanks ChrisTuckerNM Fix for #564 - Error Importing DbcConfig in PowerShell 4 - Thanks @niphod

Date 29/10/2018

Fixed #435 Page verify on SQL 2000 and SQL2005 Reduced number of calls to the instance for database checks improving performance

Date 27/10/2018

Fixed #435 Page verify on SQL 2000 and SQL2005 Reduced number of calls to the instance for database checks improving performance

Date 17/10/2018

Spelling and Because added - Thank you @LowlyDBA New Check for XPCmdShell enabled added

Date 11/10/2018

Added Check for CLR Enabled Added Check for Cross Database Ownership Chaining Added Check for Database Mail XPs Added Check for Ad Hoc Distributed Queries Added Tag for security Demo CI/CD at Polar Conf

Date 24/09/2018

Moved the Instance Connection Check to the Instance Tests Fixed bug with Set-DbcConfig not adding none-arrays! New Check for Expected Trace Flags New Check for Not Expected TraceFlags Stopped dbatools chatty messages polluting the test results

Date 07/09/2018

Updated dbatools required module to 0.9.410 Renamed all dbatools commands to new naming convention Fixed Bug with JSON file naming Improved Server Checks to remove Red and improve speed for none contactable servers Altered all server checks to use assertions and added pester Tests Removed left over ogv entry

Date 05/09/2018

New Check for 2 digit cut off thanks @CláudioESSilva Fixed bug with adding NoneContactable Instances to variable Improved error handling for HADR checks

Date 28/08/2018

Added MaxBehind to SupportedBuild Tests - Thank you @LowlyDBA Ensured the Database parameter checks only the specified Databases - Thank you @jpomfret Updated Set-DbcConfig to allow Append to append arrays to arrays closes #535 Altered json filename creation to avoid max characters error Altered PowerBi to display information correctly with filename changes

Date 24/08/2017

Fixed Error with using Credential and stopped changing path when running checks from custom repos - Thank you @sammyxx

Date 23/08/2017

Update to the help message for clusters by @LowlyDBA Potential Breaking Change - Removed Tags from names of json files so that PowerBi will correctly show Environment names

Date 15/08/2018

Fixed issue 521 ExcludeDatabase parameter doesn't work - THANK YOU @jpomfret THANK YOU @jpomfret - Issue 509 -Database should only check databases listed and exclude all others Further update to Update-DbcPowerBiDataSource to allow Environment as well as specify filename Improved performance of the Server checks Improved performance of the Instance checks Improved performance of the Database checks Improved performance of the ErrorLog checks Removed Send-DbcSendMailMessage until it can be re-coded

Date 13/08/2018

Fixed #504 by enabling FileName parameter on Update-PowerBiDataSource Added in new function to begin to reduce the number of calls to each instance Reduced required Pester version to 4.3.1 Further PowerShell V4 improvements

Date 06/08/2018

Added New Check for tempdb data file sizes to be the same - Thank you @garethnewman #512 Altered Services Check so that clustered instances start mode is checked correctly thank you @kylejdoyle #516 Skip PowerPlan test if no connection thanks @cl #490 Fixed bug with XESession and PSv4 thank you @kylejdoyle #517 Error silently on failing Service check (thanks Rob ;-) ) Fixed dbatools command names Fixed PSv4 support for importing the module also

Date 31/07/2018

Added check for Database Exists - Thanks @sqldbawithbeard Added excluded databases config to each Database Check and wrote Pester Test for that #506 Added msdb to exclusion fro duplicate index #506 Fixed offline install bug #484

Date 30/07/2018

Updated Required Module versions - Thank you @cl Updated Agent Checks to fail a test on no connection rather than throw all the PowerShell errors - Thanks @sqldbawithbeard Updated HADR Checks for PS4 compatibility Issue #513

Date 28/06/2018

Don't check versions before 2008 for AdHocWorkloads Thank you John McCall @LowlyDBA More Spelling! Thank you John McCall @LowlyDBA Updated required version and dbatools error log command name Thank you Our Glorious Chrissy @cl

Date 30/05/2018

New Release Notes command added Spelling

Date 29/05/2012